As a Flexible Circuit Manufacturer, Extremely Difficult We Do all The Time, Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer...

Located in the hotbed of aircraft and space craft innovation in Southern California, Qflex as Flexible Circuit Manufacturer has helped NASA, JPL, Boeing , SpaceX, Lockheed Martin etc create some of the most complex flexible pcbs ever made.
Typical flex pcbs contain one or two conductive layers. Lockheed Martin came to us with a complex project. We pushed the technology to its limits and created a custom 88 layer flex pcb.


  • Delivery of an 88 layer 3D flex circuit is among their more notable accomplishments. innovative thinking, immediate response, and excellence in engineering combine to make Q-Flex stand out in this industry.

  • Q-Flex has been our supplier for some very difficult designs. We have found Q-Flex to be very supportive to our needs and very open to try new tools to meet our needs.

  • Q-Flex specializes in making the impossible a reality. While I was working at Lockheed Martin in an R&D area, Q-Flex produced and delivered a fully functional 88 layer structure that provided an interconnect system for a stack of MCMs (multi-chip modules). This was truly a design and fabrication accomplishment and enabled our project to move forward. Q-Flex can handle the big challenges!

  • Q-Flex has been our supplier for NSTX program. They have been supplying us with 60 in. long multilayer flex with controlled Impedance requirements.

  • We are incorporating Q-Flex nano coating technology for a 8 ft. long 8 layer flex.Very exciting prospects !!

  • Q-Flex’s prices and guarantee are great, and the quality has really been good. We would not even consider using any other FPC vendor at this point.

  • Q-Flex has always been on the forefront of flexible circuits processing, technology and materials. Every time we have come up with difficult designs, they have completed these projects with impressive display of innovation.

    Robrt Ydens, President

  • Q-Flex has been our preferred supplier for all our Flexible / Rigid-Flex needs. They have done some parts for us that seemed to be very difficult to make.

    Tim Sullivan, VP of operations

  • I am very much impressed by the the quality of service and products provided by Q-Flex. We have a patented product that has great market potential. After many false starts with other companies, we were directed to Q-Flex by a consultant. It just so happened that they had a patent to solve exactly the problem we had. Now our product is in trial at Harley Davidson.

  • "I have been working with Q-Flex for over 20 years now.I have seen them evolve from a small proto flex shop to an innovator in flex manufacturing and materials, supplying quick turn prototypes through medium production volumes.They are one of my go-to shops when my customers need a flex supplier and it's my pleasure to endorse them!"