Electro Static Chucks (ESC)

Almost all of the memory devices and microprocessors use silicon wafers. These silicon wafers are processed through various chambers for yielding a final product. The biggest concern is cleanliness in the chamber. That is why most of the wafer fab plants hire specialist maintenance companies to clean chambers and maintain the desired level of cleanliness.
The old design of a wafer holding mechanism consisted of a circular metal piece with clamps to hold the wafers. These clamps introduced contamination and reduced the effective wafer area.

New Design (ESC) :
This design consists of a circular aluminum piece that is anodized to a special specification developed just for this application. There are about a dozen configurations to accommodate various designs. A flex circuit is laminated on top of the pedestal. The flex has a “tail” that goes through a slit in the pedestal and comes out at the bottom side of the pedestal (check).

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